Overview of Substantive Changes - 10th Edition

Standards 6 and 7 are combined with parallel information about required space in Multi-bed and Private (Single Family) rooms in the Revised Standard 6. This combination also shifts the numbering of each standard that follows. ECMO and special care rooms are also referenced and space defined.

Standard 7 (previously Standard 8) on Couplet Care Rooms now requires hospitals that offer both an obstetric service and NICU to provide couplet care rooms equipped to provide for intensive care of the newborn and postpartum care for the mother in the same room or suite.

Standard 9 (previously Standard 10) redefines size and requirements for separate hallways in alignment with FGI minimum standards for similar spaces. The ECMO portion was moved to Standard 6. It is also clear that procedure rooms are not “areas” but instead enclosed rooms that provide a higher level of environmental control.

Standard 15 (previously Standard 16) regarding Support Spaces for Ancillary Services addresses the addition of infant MRI for space and floor weight capacity.

Standard 19, 20, and 21 (previously Standard 20, 21, and 22) on Ceiling Finishes, Wall Finishes, and Floor Surfaces introduce the topic of color consideration appropriate for local culture and climate.

Standard 29 (previously Standard 30) expands the Interpretation to give more guidance in providing high-quality usability testing.

There are several other minor changes in the Recommended Standards that enhance the environment of care in the NICU but will not create major changes in how NICUs are designed.

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