NICU Standard 10: Electrical, Gas Supply, and Mechanical Needs

Mechanical requirements at each infant bed, such as electrical and gas outlets, shall be organized to ensure safety, easy access and maintenance.

There shall be a minimum of 20 simultaneously accessible electrical outlets. The minimum number of simultaneously accessible gas outlets is:

Air 3, Oxygen 3, and Vacuum 3.

There shall be a mixture of emergency and normal power for all electrical outlets per current National Fire Protection Association recommendations7.

Interpretation: A system that includes easily accessible raceways for electrical conduit and gas piping, work space, and equipment placement is recommended because it permits flexibility to modify or upgrade mechanical, electrical or equipment features. All outlets should be positioned to maximize access and flexibility and minimize repetitive movements such as bending and stretching by the staff. Standard duplex electrical outlets may not be suitable, since each outlet may not be simultaneously accessible for oversized equipment plugs. The number of electrical, gas, and suction outlets specified is a minimum; access to more may be necessary for critically ill infants. This area should also include communication devices, supply storage, and charting space, resulting in an efficient, organized, and self-contained workstation around the infant.

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